The Lexi Doll new home at Addenbrookes Hospital

Amazing to be able to donate our dolls to Addenbrookes Hospital. The first hospital to have our dolls ready for children who need them. 

September 2017

Giving hope in Southend Hospital 

It's great to be in another hospital to support the children that need it.  The Lexi Doll Charity are so happy to be our second hospital. 

September 2017

The Lexi Doll's receive a warm welcome at Basildon Hospital 

So happy to be giving our dolls to Basildon Hospital.  We know the dolls will be able to help the bereavement midwives where needed.

March 2018

The Lexi Doll find a new home

Amaing to give Scunthorpe Hospital our Lexi Dolls another hospital where we can help children with baby loss

May 2018

Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital give hope to children 

Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital (Grimsby) have been delivered The Lexi Dolls. An amazing welcome and we know how much the Lexi doll can help whoever may need them 

May 2018

Peterborough Hospital welcome The Lexi Doll 

Peterborough Hospital are so happy to have The Lexi Doll. We want the dolls give the hope and love to the children who need that comfort

May 2018

New home at Broomfield Hospital

The Lexi Doll's are in another hospital, couldn't be prouder that these dolls are helping children in need through a loss of a sibling. 

Sept 2018